About Lorinda


Lorinda has a full time job in her collegiate field of study (computer science), has four children (class of ’14, ’16, ’19, ’23), works to write grants to bring funds into the schools with the Beverly Education Foundation and holds the position as Ward 6 School Committee representative.
In addition, Lorinda is the director of the Beverly Middle School Girls Basketball program (as well as the coach of the 6th grade team), and a board member of the non-profit Heads Up! which puts student athletes to work performing community service.
One of the many programs helping the city of Beverly at large, as well as the schools is the textile recycling program. Lorinda brought this program to Beverly, presenting the idea first to then Mayor Scanlon and Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marie Galinski.  This program has collected more than 287,000 lbs of textiles that would have otherwise gone into the garbage.  This translates into over $14,000 to the schools and $11,000 in tipping fee savings to the city. Given the success of this program, Lorinda is now an avid supporter of the city wide curbside composting program (which, not coincidently was funded in part with grant money).
Before securing the seat of Ward 6 School Committee, Lorinda held PTO presidency positions at Briscoe Middle School and Centerville Elementary School, PTO VP at Centerville, Citywide PTO representative and Beverly Education Foundation board member.
Originally from just outside of Detroit, Michigan, Lorinda moved to the east coast to attend Boston University.  While there, she played for their Division I basketball team (captain her senior year) and graduated Suma Cum Laude with a degree in computer science.

The first 19.5 minutes of the video is the ward 6 School Committee debate from October 2013.